Welcome to TreadWill
Are you feeling low, down, or depressed? TreadWill is a website designed to help individuals deal with stress, low mood, lethargy, and other depressive symptoms. We are conducting a study to see if TreadWill is effective in helping people deal with these symptoms.
If you are feeling depressive symptoms, you might be eligible to participate in the study. Your participation will be kept confidential, and your data will not be traced back to you.
To learn more about the study, please visit the Information page.
Why you might want to join :
1 Learn skills to deal with stressful situations.
2 Contribute to improving mental health care.
3 Requires just 15 minutes of daily learning over a period of six weeks, from the privacy of your room.
4 Participation is free, anonymous and does not require talking to anyone.
600 people have already enrolled.
Contact Us : For more information, please visit the Information page. In case you have any specific query, please get in touch with us.